You've got an important birthday or anniversary to celebrate. You've booked the restaurant, the hotel or the village hall, you've invited family and friends- now you just need to sort the transport.


A minibus is ideal for small to medium sized groups of people - we're very used to transporting between 6 and 64 people to birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and many other special occasions. And we guarantee that we will be on time.

So, if you have a special occasion to celebrate, and you haven't yet arranged the transport then get in touch with our happy friendly team here!

I have just returned from a week away so apologies for not sending this HUGE THANK YOU for the great service you gave on the occasion of my mother’s 90th Birthday before now. Your friendly help was so appreciated by all, especially the gift you gave to my mother. All in all, your service made the day.
— Maureen Edmonds, Woodcote, Oxfordshire